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The Animal has lost its bite.
Special Brew: My first pint.
Fishy tale: The ferocious flounder.
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One of the benefits of living so far north is the great displays of the Northern Lights!

"I'm not your first?!"
I'm afraid not. This is actually my second attempt at a website, the first one having been lost in what has come to be known as the "Oops I've deleted my website and all back-up files" incident. I am hoping to make the whole affair into a movie so watch this space. It has it all; Mystery, "Who deleted the files, was it really me?" Intrigue, "If so why did I delete them, what was there to gain from deleting them?" Love, "I really loved that site." Want to get into the movies? It's your lucky day as I am now accepting donations to help with the production costs* (see footnote).

So what's the new site about? Well I hope to cover such earth shattering topics as where I live, what I like, where I don't live and what I don't like so you can tell it will be enthralling. There's loads of good stuff to look out for on other websites!

"Eh, where's the physics stuff?"
All those 38000+ hits mean some people are actually visiting the site, probably expecting some pretty intense spring related physics stuff. If you are looking for some pretty intense spring related physics stuff, click here. For everyone else I better add some other stuff!
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Like many people I was tired of waiting for web pages to open, email to download etc. A 56K modem just doesn't do the job and broadband isn't coming to my area for years. Then I found a great utility that downloads the entire web to your hard disk. Now pages open almost before I click them and email before it was sent...almost! Join the Internet superFASThighway by clicking here!

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