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Ok, so the name's George, 42 years old, married to Joan and we have one son, Callum. Don't you just love pages like this? I know I'd have stopped reading by now unless of course there was something interesting dropped in about here, "look a flying fish," although this might be a red herring, hoho or a smokescreen to hide the fact that there's nothing interesting in the opening paragraph at all. I guess you'll know when you get to the bottom, which is approaching fast, so fast in fact that I better stop typing soon or I'll be going into the next topic which would be embarrassing...

Can't you make this more interesting?

Look it's really hard, I'm not that interesting but I'll give it a go. Like most people I started life at an early age, (what do you mean too corny?). Sigh, tough crowd. Right start again, think of something funny, but original...funny but original...funny but original...right if you used a vacuum cleaner in Space...arrghhhh can't think of a funny punch line to that!

I love music. I like a very wide variety of stuff from heavy rock to the latest Kylie hit in the charts. In particular I like well written lyrics that have a bit of feeling behind them. I think music should draw you in and get an emotional response from you, it should touch you. Have a listen to Gary Moore's "Still got the Blues" and/or Chris de Burgh's "Transmission End"s and you'll get the idea. The discs that are usually in my CD player are by Chris de Burgh, Sting, Gary Moore, Metallica, The Calling, Sarah McLachlan, Dido, David Gray, The Foo Fighters and Runrig but there are lots of others. Like I say, anything with a bit of feeling or moodiness to it. I rarely like manufactured bands but I am happy to be surprised.

TV passes a few hours of my time as well. If I want a laugh I'll watch things like Spaced, The Fast Show, Malcolm in the Middle, Dharma and Greg, The Simpsons and Futurama. For a bit of escapism I'll nip through the StarGate, watch Babylon5, (miss that) and Star Trek in its many varieties. I like most Sci-Fi to be honest. Movies I've recently enjoyed are Signs and K-PAX. I like a good story in a movie and will watch most genres if they meet that premise.

Reading. I usually stick with Sci-Fi and some Fantasy.

Video games. I mainly like sport and adventure games although I'll give anything a go. Favourite retro games are Super Tennis and Super Mario Kart on the Snes, Virtual Tennis on the Dreamcast and any of the ISS games. Football Manager is great but makes time disappear like it's going out of fashion. Current favourite gaming machines are the XBox 360 and Nintendo Wii.

Work. I usually work in IT. Worked for a while at BT Internet. BT Internet was a bit of an enigma. At times very fulfilling, at others soul destroying but often very funny.

Sport. I like watching Manchester United play football, although I'm one of those fans who live far away from the ground and have never been to a live match. I also like Stenhousemuir mainly because I read a really nice article about them a long time ago and they have a cool name, which means something like Stone House Wall. I couldn't name a single player in the team but I always keep an eye on their results and table position.


We have a dog called Charlie,  a Border Collie. We got him when he was about eight weeks old and he's 7 years old now. What fun he was as a pup, ripping the phone cable off the walls twice and chewing it in half, swallowing a rib bone from a takeaway whole without so much as a slight taste on the way down, (boy did we panic) and the list goes on but he's a cracking dog and very intelligent. Very strong and he could run all day and still be ready for a marathon! Here are a few pictures of him from 2003 with some recent ones to follow. Click on the thumbnail to see a bigger version.  Neelix, the ginger tom is sadly no longer with us. He was a gem.

Charlie our Border Collie in the snow Charlie and Neelix Charlie portrait


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That's me that is

Me and my wonderful wife Joan at a family wedding. since this photo was taken I have become twice the man I was then...in girth. :(

Our son Callum.

Me in a Delorean. Sadly not mine

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