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This is a list of freeware and shareware programs that I have found to be particularly useful over the years. Click on the image to go to the download site. Freeware is software that the authors have decided to make available at no charge, Shareware usually asks for a donation or small charge after a certain amount of trial use.

winamp music player

Winamp is still my favourite music player. It covers a wide range of file types including MP3 and audio CDs and has a clean easy to use interface. Full review here.

AVG anti virus
AVG Anti Virus. Protect your PC from colds, flus and other viruses with this excellent piece of software. Visit site.
irfanview image viewer
Irfanview. Quite possibly the best image viewer in the world. It is easy to use and handles a bucketload of file formats. It's also FREE. Visit site.
dbpowerAMP Audio player, converter and more. Visit site.
Ad-aware. Some software adds spyware and other nasties to your computer without your knowledge. Anything from cookies to pop up adverts. This weeds it out. Visit site.
ZoneAlarm. Software firewall that helps stop unauthorised access to your PC while online. Visit site.
Spybot search and Destroy
Spybot Search and Destroy. Like Adaware this gets rid of nasty bits of software that can be added to your computer without your knowledge. Visit site.


There are hundreds of freeware programs available online that are often as good or better than commercial equivalents. Anything from simple CD players to fully blown office suites. For a great place to start your freeware search click here.

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