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How did this happen?
He's a beefy lover!
At my brother's wedding Oct '02
The line between your wife thinking you're lovely and cuddly and you waking up one morning to realize you are just fat is a fine one…and one I have crossed. I'd like to believe I crossed it recently, but the truth is it happened years ago, each passing year furthering my distance from the line. It creeps up on you. Add a pound a month over 10 years and you'd hardly notice the change. Sure your trousers feel a bit tighter one day but the next size up isn't that big, but before you know it they are starting to feel snug too.
You get on a diet, full of determination and you lose a bit. However something comes up; a wedding, a family get together or one of those stresses and strains of life and you fall back into the ingrained eating habits. Your willpower wanes and before you know it you're heavier than when you started. Then "suddenly" you're fat! Going through beds at the rate of one every 14 months because they are not up to the job of supporting your bulk helps bring it home, as does the feeling you are about to have a heart attack every time you try to cut the grass. It's then you know you absolutely have to do something. That's where this site comes in. I'm hoping this sudden openness about the whole thing is going to be the fuel to get my dietary fire burning. Maybe talking about it will help me and reading about it will help anyone who stumbles across it and is in the same boat as me. Don't worry it's a big boat. :)
All in the head?

One thing I have found both personally and talking to friends and family about weightloss is that you have to be in the right frame of mind for it and it is very difficult to do it alone. I've known I need to lose weight for years and I've tried with limited short term success and zero long-term. Why? I know I need to do it for health reasons alone so why didn't I stick at it? I'm convinced that for many people food either groups of or breaking it down to things like sugar, becomes an addiction. I've had all sorts of symptoms when on diets that I would put down to withdrawal: cravings for a particular food, headaches, nausea, shakes, insomnia and more that all disappear as soon as I eat whatever it is I'm craving. It's normally carbohydrate so I'm guessing the addiction, if it is that, is sugar. Ironic as I don't have a sweet tooth! As such you really need to be in the right mindset to punch through that and come out the other side and as it can take time it's understandable that people can end up yo-yo dieting as they reach a point they can't get through, give up, then build up the willpower again a while later and start again. As such you need to get into the right frame of mind and don't do it alone, get support from friends and family. Let them know your plans and if like me you have family members who like to bring you treats, ask them to change it to healthier options. You don't have to miss out! :-)

I'm in the right frame of mind, right "now." I'm hoping that determination, support from friends and family and sticking it online will all help me to maintain that determination. That and the fact the grass really needs cut!

Diets, diets everywhere and not a drop to eat

Most diets I have tried try to lock you into their way of eating, a way of eating which when you think about it doesn't often seem very balanced or healthy for that matter. I have found that this raises two problems in particular: if specific food groups are not allowed it leads to cravings and if it's very low calorie you nearly always feel hungry.

I tried the Atkins diet a couple of years ago and while it was working and I lost a couple of stone I eventually hit a brick wall called craving. I was literally crawling the walls with the insatiable desire to eat bread, potatoes or pasta. I wasn't hungry; this was akin to an addiction. No amount of meat, fish, dairy or the allowed vegetables provided the fix. I managed to last about six weeks before I succumbed to it and eating the desired foods stopped the symptoms immediately. With low fat diets I found I was simply always hungry and in the end my will power wasn't enough to overcome that. Processed low fat food doesn't doesn't do itself any favours in the taste department either and as to its health "benefits" it is often pumped full of sugar and stuff to try make it more appealing. No thanks. Also there are essential fats that we should be eating and I worry that a low fat diet would lose those somewhere along the way. For a lot of people these types of diet have worked well. I am concerned though that both options limit certain food groups to such an extent. However somewhere in there there has to be a healthy middle ground, which involves limiting processed meals and sugars and doesn't turn something fat and juicy into a dry cracker.

I'm not going on a "diet!"

Having tried a few diets over the years, one thing I have learned is that I am not going on a diet ever again.

"How can you lose weight then?"

Well that is a good question and my answer is based on nothing more than a gut feeling, (sorry) :-) The word diet has become synonymous with weight loss when really it should just mean whatever everyone eats. If you ask someone who doesn't have a weight problem at all, "are you on a diet?" they will say no* but they are, they are just not on a weightloss diet. As an example a lion has a diet consisting of whatever prey happens to be in its territory, a chicken a diet of whatever feed you give them and what they scratch up in the garden. However you don't see many skinny/obese lions or chickens. They are generally just the right size.

As such my "diet" will be to try to eat healthier, mixed with becoming a bit more active, such as walking the dog, (he says, bum stuck to the computer chair). I am currently unemployed so I can't afford to go totally organic, buy the best cuts of meat every day or hire a personal trainer. However with a bit of common sense I should be able to work in plenty of good whole foods and I will do my best to pick up organic food bargains. I want to limit processed foods as much as possible as well as reduce sugar and caffeine. Overall it will depend on what is in the cupboard and fridge freezer at any given time and will consist of the types of food available to everyone. I will also be growing my own, which has many benefits such as tasting great and providing exercise getting the ground ready and tending it throughout the year.

*The person may be a tad offended that you asked so just take my word for it. :-)

"And so, it begins"

It was with some trepidation that I weighed myself. The scales without so much as a whimper (they were strong scales) came to rest at 339lbs, which a quick calculation shows is 24.21st, or just under 24st 3lbs.
I'm small for a sumo wrestler, weedy for a grizzly bear and positively minuscule compared to a mountain.
I'm fat!

Start date: Mid December 05
Start/Current/Target: 339/319/196 (lbs) Latest weigh in 24th February 2006

Food facts

There is the same amount of sugar in 1 tin of ordinary Coke as there is in aprox 190 tins of Diet Coke. It's a pity about the latters' taste though.

Carrots are good for your eyesight.

It's thought the Romans first discovered oysters, on British shores and brought them back to Rome to cultivate.

The strawberry is actually a member of the rose family.

Bread was invented by the Egyptians! By mistake!! Instead of throwing away burnt toast, one of Pharaohs bakers decided to scrape off the black - and delicious bread was found underneath! See Breadweb for more bread "facts."

The stomach is NOT the way to a man's heart. If a surgeon tells you it is get a second opinion!

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